HOUSTON The Houston National Cemetery has come under fire for alleged acts of religious censorship and a woman whose husband is buried there believes religious freedoms are at risk.

This is not what these men and women fought for, said Donna Kessler.

Both Kessler and her husband are Navy veterans. Edgar Kessler passed away in 2009.

Attorneys filed a complaint against the cemetery in federal court this week, claiming that the cemetery s director told volunteers they could no longer say the words God bless you to family members following the funerals of service men and women.

They re restricting families at the most painful time imaginable and it s not right, added Kessler.

Cheryl Whitfield is the president of National Memorial Ladies, a group of 37 women who attend as many funerals at the cemetery as possible.

We were told we had to stop using religious language, she said. I was stunned.

A spokesperson for the cemetery refused to comment about the allegations. Kessler believes the restrictions need to be lifted.

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