HOUSTON Police are asking for the public s help in finding a person who took a wounded police officer s gun during a shootout in downtown Houston on Saturday.

HPD Officer Fernando Meza dropped his weapon after being shot in the hand by Jesse Brown outside the Greyhound Bus Station in the 2121 block of Main Street.

Police said Meza was trying to question Brown at the downtown Houston bus station after a screener spotted a gun in his bag.

Meza, a two-year veteran of the force, followed Brown outside, demanded his bag, then used a Taser in a failed effort to subdue him, HPD spokesman John Cannon said. That s when Brown fired a shot at Meza, who got hit in the hand and dropped his gun.

Police said a witness reports seeing a man from inside the terminal walk outside and pick up the weapon. The unidentified suspect then fled the scene.

Police said the gun is a black .40 caliber Sig-Sauer automatic pistol.

Anyone with information on the gun s location is asked to call HPD Homicide at (713) 308-3600.

Police said the person responsible could face a felony tampering with evidence charge.

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