HOUSTON Police believe a man who called to report that someone was shooting at him moments before his death was the victim of road rage.

It happened around 3 p.m. Tuesday at West Bellfort and South Kirkford.

Theodore Mitsakos, 49, was fatally shot in the head. He then crashed his pickup into an apartment complex, narrowly missing the resident inside, police said.

Mitsakos best friend and business partner said the victim called him just before the shooting, asking for help.

Mitsakos told his friend he d just been cut off by a black truck, and he d honked at the truck twice. But after he honked, the truck started tailing him. Mitsakos told his friend the truck had been following him for two miles.

Just after they got off the phone, Mitsakos was killed.

Mitsakos friend said he was on the way to help, but he couldn't get there in time.

Police said the gunman was actually sitting on the window frame of the truck door, leaning out into traffic to get a better shot.

Crews were still cleaning up the debris from the crash Wednesday morning.

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