Jonathon Rodriguezis a photojournalism student at the University of Texas. He was in the building adjacent to where Tuesday's shooting took place. A fellow student fired several shots on the campus before ending his own life. This is Jonathon's firsthand account:

AUSTIN, Texas I was in the University Teaching Center, the building directly adjacent to the PCL Library where the shooter was located. I got to class about 7:50 a.m. Class started at 8.

About 10 minutes into class, two students ran into our lecture hall. They looked like they were in shock. They could hardly speak.

Our professor, Dr. Stephen Reese, finally managed to calm them enough for them to speak. They told our class (of about 200-300 people) that they had just seen an armed man and heard gunshots.

Everybody sort of jumped in their seats. The professor and the Teaching Assistants scrambled to lock all four exits in the room.

About ten minutes later, someone started banging very loudly on one of the doors facing the street. We weren t sure if it was the gunman trying to find another room, or just some ill-fated students who had gotten to class late and were now stuck outside.

Either way, it really frightened people. Everyone started running to the middle of the lecture hall, trying to get as far away from the doors as possible. There weren t any windows in the hall so we couldn t see what was going on outside.

Everyone was franticly calling their loved ones and friends trying to get more information and let everyone know they were safe for the moment.

Rumors were flying around like crazy. Texts were coming in from other people on campus saying things like 6 people have been shot, swat teams and tanks and the national guard are everywhere.

We couldn t really be sure which were true and which weren t.

Finally, we got a live newscast up on the projector screen.

Eventually peoples biological problems got the better of them. The bathroom was just across the hall outside one of the exits. At one point, the instructors let people out to go to the bathroom, monitoring the outside very carefully.

Finally, we got the word that we could leave. So we all proceeded down towards MLK. All the while, SWAT, police, Texas Rangers and APD were lined up on the sides of the street.

You never think these kinds of things will happen to you. You only imagine them happening to someone else.

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