HOUSTON The Bayou City is getting a lot of attention in some new network shows. Chase is set in Houston. Lonestar is set partly in Houston. But here s the thing those shows are being shot in Dallas.

Which is sort of a travesty to a lot of us, said Everett Gorel of Houston-based South Coast Film and Video.

Gorel said there is plenty of work shooting commercials in Houston. But right now,TV series and feature work is virtually non-existent here.

That s not the case in Dallas.

Gorel said Dallas may seem more attractive to TV producers becauseof its bigger film infrastructure.

But Rick Ferguson with the Houston Film Commission saidHouston could easily handle shooting a TV series.

It s the networks that we have to convince that we have what it takes to facilitate those projects, said Ferguson.

A lot of money and jobs are on the line And so are bragging rights over our neighbors to the north.

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