KINGWOOD, Texas A Marine from Kingwood was killed Sunday in Afghanistan.

Brandon Bury s humvee was hit by an IED near Kabul. The vehicle flipped into water and Bury drowned, according to friends in Kingwood.

Bury was embedded with three other Marines to train military police when he was killed.

Bury, 26, was a 2002 graduate of Kingwood High School.

His friends say they are having a tough time coping with the suddenness of his death.

I can t believe he s gone, said Adam Olsen. It went from being a rumor on Facebook to a confirmation and now I m just shocked.

Nancy Johnson is a member of the Blue Star Moms of Kingwood. Her son is also a marine and plans to reenlist in the service, something Johnson would prefer he not do.

After this, I just want him to stay home. It just hits home when something like this happens, she said.

Bury leaves behind his wife, Heather, and their two young sons, who live in San Diego.

Bury is also survived by his parents, Brian and Terry, who now live in Dallas, and brothers, Brian and Tom.

Bury served two tours of duty in Iraq and actually volunteered to go back to the region, a fact his friends call typical for the young man committed to serve.

Brandon knew what he was doing and was proud, said Olsen. That s why he went back. That shows his character as a man.

There will be two services to honor Bury. One service will take place in San Diego, CA, while another service will be held in Kingwood.

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