HOUSTON --A manshot three people during a robbery at aChurch's Chicken late Tuesday night, and deputies said he was still on the runWednesday morning.

Investigators said thesuspect robbed the restauranton Kuykendahl and Bammelwoodjust before 10:30 p.m.

During the robbery, investigators said the cashier was shot in the chest.

As the suspect fled the scene,two men pulled up to therestaurant.Deputies said the suspect shotthem, too. One man was hitin the arm, and the other was hit in the hand.

All three victims were expected to survive.

The suspect was last seen running west on Bammelwood Drive, investigators said.

Officials said the suspect was caught on surveillance video, and they're hoping that will helpidentify him.

Anyonewith information on this case isasked to call theHarrisCounty Sheriff's Officeat 713-967-5887.

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