Saving Cents: Thrifty tips from viewers
May 22, 2009

HOUSTON-One thing is for sure: Houstonians know all about Saving Cents.

11 News receives all sorts of great money-saving ideas from our viewers every day.

Shiree in Alvin says she fell and broke her arm recently, and that launched her into serious Saving Cents mode. She told us about a Web site called

11 News called the owner, and he said people buy all kinds of things on the site by the case, from flip flops to electronic gadgets to seasonal items like flags for the Fourth of July. Then they sell them individually from home on eBay and make a tidy little profit. Pretty clever! The site also supplies many mom-and-pop dollar stores that can't get inventory from large suppliers and manufacturers.

Shiree also told us about for discount printer ink and toner.

Kerry in Colleyville near Dallas e-mailed, too, saying he visits Houston often and watches the Saving Cents reports at He told me about a site called, that has lots of money-saving tips. The site has a calculator that lets you figure out how much a leaky faucet is adding to your water bill and how much your fridge is adding to your electric bill.

There are 15,000 drips in a gallon. That adds up to 11 gallons a day in usage, which translate to an extra $3 a month on your water bill.

Louginia e-mailed to say she found a way to get every drop of lotion from the plastic bottle. You know how the pump doesn't get it all? Her Saving Cents tip is to cut the bottle open. You pay for the whole thing, so you should get all of the product, she says. After you cut the bottle just put it in a Ziploc or something so it doesn't dry out or spill.

Keep emailing us your tips. Send them to !

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