CROSBY, Texas -- A neighborhood along Lake Houston was at a standstill for hours as a woman was barricaded inside her house.

Harris County deputies said Bekah Speer had a handgun and threatened to kill her dogs and herself.

Speer's divorce was just finalized the day before and her ex-husband was at the home located in the 3500 block of Deep Anchor Way. He called 911.

A rapport was started for a small amount of time, said Deputy Thomas Gilliland with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. At that point, the female stopped negotiating and became more aggressive.

At the same time, roads were blocked and traffic was at a standstill as officers worked to get Speer out of the house.

It's a long day at work, I'm just trying to get home, said neighbor Brittany Walker. I'm stuck out here for two hours. It's just crazy.

Deputies told us that the Speer is mentally unstable and neighbors back that claim up with stories of half-dressed bike outings.

She kind of rides up and down our main road topless, said Walker. There's kids running around.

An investigator talked to Speer on the phone and convinced her to move the heavy furniture that was barricading the door. Eventually, she gave up.

She came outside, said Deputy Gilliland. She left the weapon inside the home and walked out with her hands above her head.

No people were hurt in the incident, but deputies found the bodies of four family dogs inside the house.

Speer was not charged Wednesday night and required to take a mental evaluation.

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