HARRIS COUNTY, Texas Neighbors at a senior living community in northwest Harris County are terrified after they say a woman in her 60 s was beaten and raped.

The attack happened around 3 a.m. at the Primrose at Heritage Park Apartments in the 10300 block of Old Bammel North Houston Road.

According to neighbors, a man got into a first floor apartment after kicking in the glass patio door.

Residents tell KHOU 11 News that the victim was awoken by the loud noise and tried to escape. However, neighbors said the man grabbed her from behind and forced her back into the bedroom.

Once he kicked the door in, he came through the glass. He pushed her into the room, explained a neighbor, who only wanted to be identified as Lynn. He wouldn t allow her to look at him.

The 62-year-old victim ran to Lynn s apartment immediately after the vicious assault.

She was so upset and hysterical. She was just rambling, explained Lynn. He pretty much told her he had been watching her.

Lynn and other neighbors called 911, and they claim it took the Harris County Sherriff s Office at least 45 minutes to respond.

Neighbors believe, by that time, the rapist was long gone.

I am petrified to say the least, said Ann, a neighbor who lives right across from the scene of the crime. We re all senior citizens. I think that s one of the reasons that they pick on us.

Residents say suspicious activity has been running rampant at their complex in recent months. They feel that a broken gate at the front of the complex has made everyone that much more vulnerable.

I m scared. This place has been robbed and everything. We don t know what to do. We re stuck, said neighbor Gloria Miranda.

A spokesperson for the complex would only release a brief written statement that said, in part: The well-being of residents at Primrose Heritage Park Apartments is of the utmost importance.

It went on to say that the complex is cooperating with authorities.

Harris County Sheriff s Office has yet to release any information. It s unclear if investigators have any persons of interest or valid leads in the case.

Neighbors say the victim remains in the hospital.

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