HOUSTON On a busy downtown street right in front of Houston City Hall, a man is staging his own personal protest on Friday.

A lot of people don t have the guts or the time to invest in protesting, Alex Nizzini said.

Nizzini is now on what he says is day 10 of a hunger strike.

Hunger strike is perhaps the most extreme way of dealing with a government that is being difficult, but I have no choice, he said.

Anybody who passes by and wonders why he s here can check out his website.

Why is there a hunger strike in front of the City Hall? KHOU 11 News asked.

This affects everybody in the United States, so listen up, he responded.

The website is a rambling discourse on what Nizzini sees as incompetence and corruption in city government.

His beef with the city started on the street where he lives. And he lives on some high-dollar real estate in the Upper Kirby District on the edge of River Oaks.

Nizzini upset about some No parking signs near his home. His neighbors just don t get it.

The signs have been up about 10 years now. And they were put there because the Lamar (High School) students come and park in the mornings. And so from 7 to 9 it prevents them from doing that, Bonnie Eubanks, a neighbor, said.

This just won t stand in a civilized society, Nizzini said.

Once in a while, the starving protester pulls off his signs and weighs himself. He said he s lost more than 10 pounds.

I feel terrible. Yesterday, I drank two quarts of water because I was in the heat all day and yesterday was a really hot day. And I threw up most of it, he said.

He s out here every business day, sometimes even on weekends. And he doesn t really know how long he can keep it up.

But I m not going anywhere.

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