HOUSTON Donald Branch is a nervous pedestrian.

You can t even go to the store around here no more without being afraid of being attacked by dogs, he said.

Branch feels that way now because of what happened to him last Friday. He said he had just left his home to walk to the corner store when a pair of neighborhood pit bulls attacked him.

Before I could get to that corner, they just came out from around the corner and attacked me, he said.

According to Branch, the attack happened quickly and without warning. One moment he was turning to walk up the street, and the next moment the dogs had squeezed through a gate and were charging at him.

Man, I just thought I was dead, he said.

Branch was treated at the hospital for puncture wounds to his hand, arm and foot. The owner of dogs said Branch provoked her animals to attack. She also claimed she had already surrendered the dogs to Animal Control as she had been ordered to do.

But late Monday night, Animal Control officers and police were back at the house. Officials said despite what the owner claimed, the animals had not been turned over. The man they re accused of attacking just hoped he d never run into them again.

I m living in fear now. If I go down there, I m probably going to be attacked again, Branch said.

Authorities seized one pit bull from the dog owner s home and issued her a citation.

The whereabouts of the second dog was unclear.

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