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Just call him Johnny Wonderlic.

Various reports say Johnny Manziel excelled at the intelligence test given to players at the NFL combine, scoring the highest of any quarterback in the 2014 draft class. There were multiple questions about Drake, maybe?

Another report, from NFL Network s Albert Breer, gives a specific number.

At the combine, Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel rang up an impressive score of 32 on the Wonderlic, I m told. Should help his cause, Breer tweeted Thursday.

The Wonderlic scores are supposed to remain confidential, but the NFL is like a teenage girl s sleepover party. All secrets get revealed eventually.

Wonderlic scores, like most combine activities, are an eye of the beholder thing. If you thought Manziel was a good prospect before, his fine score gives you more confidence in that belief. If you didn t like Manziel, you ll say something like, Christian Ponder reportedly had a 35 and look how that turned out.

How does Manziel stack up against reported scores from various NFL quarterbacks? Here s a partial list of recent and not-so-recent Wonderlic scores as reported in the media.

  • Ryan Fitzpatrick (48)
  • Alex Smith (40)
  • Eli Manning (39)
  • Colin Kaepernick (38)
  • Andrew Luck (37)
  • Tony Romo (37)
  • Aaron Rodgers (35)
  • Tom Brady (33)
  • Johnny Manziel (32)
  • Peyton Manning (28)
  • Russell Wilson (24)
  • Robert Griffin III (24)
  • Tim Tebow (22)
  • Dan Marino (15)

Manziel s score is nice, but if it s indeed the highest of the year, that says more about the rest of the class than Manziel. A 32 wouldn t have been the top quarterback score in any of the past five years and it s not in the top 10 for 2013 starting quarterbacks, two facts that will totally matter when the blitz is bearing down at the end of a game and Manziel has to improvise.

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