CORINTH, Texas -- Every day on Interstate 35E, 150,000 cars from Texas to Oklahoma and back pass a pristine patch of land in Corinth. And if that doesn t get your heart racing, you re not a developer.

The endless possibilities have companies banging down the door to build here. And the biggest name is a beaver.

The super-sized gas station giant Buc-ee's is eyeing 20 acres just off the highway and Corinth Parkway.

Buc-ee's contacted us about six weeks ago, said Corinth City Manager Rick Chaffin. This particular corner is probably the premiere corner within the city of Corinth.

At 7 p.m. Thursday, Buc-ee's developers will meet with the city to discuss if the project is a good fit.

Initial plans include employing a minimum of 150 people, paying workers 30 to 40 percent more than minimum wage, 96 gas pumps, and a practically unlimited supply of those famous Beaver Nuggets.

There s no question it ll change the quiet neighborhood that surrounds the property. That might not be all bad, according to Jessica Hollin.

I think a positive might be not having to cross over the interstate to get gasoline or whatever you might need on the way to pick up your child, she said.

But there are cons.

The con to me would be congestion, probably, and safety, she said.

It's still early in the process, so all of those issues still up for discussion.

It will likely be many months before Buc-ee moves to build his newest home in North Texas.


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