HOUSTON -- A 75-year-old woman is recovering from deep puncture wounds to the lower leg after a dog attacked her from behind.

It happened around 1:40 p.m. in the 3600 block of San Pedro.

Sara Martinez was walking to her nearby home when she felt something bite her leg. Then she saw blood.

Martinez was rushed to the hospital by ambulance.

She saw the dog and didn t think anything of it. Then she kept walking, and all of a sudden, the dog came from behind and attacked her, said the victim s daughter Sandra Martinez.

Martinez said her parents regularly walk the neighborhood, but she s not so sure that s a good idea.

Neighbors in the area report calling for help frequently because of roaming dogs.

With all the dogs that are loose in the area, I don t think I would recommend it anymore, explained Martinez.

A young boy reportedly helped lure the dog away from the elderly woman after the attack. She was able to get to her home, and a neighbor called 911.

The child s family later surrendered the dog to animal control.

It s a stray dog we re just keeping around, said the boy s father. I find it hard to believe. That dog never bit nobody.

Houston animal control found another stray on the property and tranquilized it. That dog was taken in for quarantine as well.

I m kind of scared because I am in a wheelchair, said neighbor Leticia Davila. Especially with me and my condition, it could happen to me.

The attack in east Houston came hours after a vicious mauling in north Harris County.

Three pit bulls cornered a man on his porch near Aldine Bender and JFK and reportedly tore his leg to the bone.

The dogs went on to trap a woman in her car, and one of them bit a deputy.

We get into the car, and as I was closing the door, one of the dogs bit me, said Deputy Russell Rocamontes with Harris County Sheriff s Office.

Deputies said they had no choice but shoot one of the dogs to calm the chaos.

They were pretty aggressive. They were fighting us, not allowing us to restrain them and put them inside the vehicle, added Deputy Rocamontes.

The victim, in his 50s, remains in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. The dog that was shot did not survive.

Authorities said the owner of the three pit bulls will be cited for what happened. He told KHOU that the dogs had been inside a gate and claimed he didn t know how the animals got out.

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