HOUSTON Voters are used to all kinds of rhetoric in campaigns. Keith Bolden is no exception.

You use these buzz words to try and excite, said Bolden. The only person s sex life you should be concerned about is the person you re having sex with.

What Democratic voter Bolden is talking about is what was issued by the re-election campaign of Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill.

In a party news release, Dr. Steve Hotze, the president of the Conservative Republicans of Texas said:

Our Founding Fathers would be furious to find out that the Constitution was being interpreted to allow sodomites to marry.

This statement came after a judge s ruling this week that overturned the Texas ban on same-sex marriage.

I don t know how I could be any clearer, said Hotze. This whole issue is about judicial liberal activism that is trying to redefine marriage.

Woodfill wouldn t talk specifically about Hotze s choice of words but answered like this.

The terminology I want attached is this judge has been a liberal activist and he has violated the law of this state.

KHOU political analyst Bob Stein says the word used was supposed to get attention and that was accomplished.

The best way to do that is to get a loud vocal voice, said Stein. The fact that you re covering this story is a lot of free media for Jared Woodfill.

Woodfill s opponent Paul Simpson sent KHOU 11 News a statement saying in part:

We who stand for traditional marriage need to articulate our principles in a reasoned way to convince our fellow citizens to agree with us. That requires always showing common courtesy and practicing charity toward everyone, even those we disagree with.

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