Not everyone believes Texas A&M QB Johnny Manziel will be a first round pick.

ESPN s Ron Jaworski, a former NFL quarterback, doesn t believe Manziel should be taken in the first three rounds of May s NFL draft.

Manziel may fall, Jaworski said during a radio interview on 97.5 the Fanatic in Philadelphia. I m not crazy about him, to be honest with you. I ve only looked at five games. I wouldn t take him in the first three rounds. That s my opinion. It s incomplete right now. But he has not done a whole lot to me.

Manziel has always been a polarizing draft evaluation. He s not a traditional quarterback by any stretch of the imagination. At 5-11, he s smaller than ideal. And he didn t play in a pro-style offense at Texas A&M.

Draft grades on Manziel will vary greatly as a result.

The reality of the situation is Jaworski, like any other analyst, has preferences. He tends to prefer traditional quarterbacks that pick defenses apart from the pocket. Players such as Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are still the pinnacle of the sport. Andrew Luck is the next great thing.

However, Jaworski should at least acknowledge the NFL is changing. The play of Drew Brees, Russell Wilson and Cam Newton have changed the way the league views quarterback play.

A team doesn t need a pure pocket passer to be successful in today s NFL.

There will be teams that feel similarly to Jaworski, but the old draft adage is, It only takes one team.

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