HUMBLE, Texas -- If you visit the Humble Family Skate Center, bring your socks and your skills but leave the booty shorts at home.

If they re gonna bend over to tie their skates or bend over to pick their child up and they re showing their booty then they re booty shorts, said Rachel Tate-Study, daughter of the owners.

The family owned business on N. Houston Avenue has been around since the 1970s but the signs about saggy pants and booty shorts are a new thing.

We visited the rink on Christian skate night and found no violators or anyone opposed to the rules.

I don t have much to say about those I don t wear either of those, said Alec Dunbar as he walked in to skate.

I love it, said Christine Shearin. They should have those on every door in every establishment, everywhere.

It s not just the teens wearing itty bitty shorts. The owners say the grownups do it too.

It s very hard to tell an adult on how to dress but at the same time we re trying to have a nice place you get tired of having to do that, admitted Tate-Study.

So far, they ve most given out verbal warnings but they mean business.

The bottom line at this skating rink- nothing hanging too low or pulled up too high.

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