SAN ANTONIO -- Getting your kid off the couch and away from video games can be tough. But a local kid has invented an app that should do the trick. It's called We Walk.

The app motivates kids to walk and exercise by letting them earn points for every step they take.

It's the brainchild of, a child. The brainchild of 13-year-old junior high school student named Estrella Hernandez to be exact.

What if we could combine health with technology? asked Estrella.

The forward thinking pre-teen learned about the childhood obesity epidemic and wanted to reach out and help San Antonio children.

In an online demo of her invention she said obesity is affecting their grades, health and self-esteem.

Once the app is developed and released, it will be free for kids to download and use.

You just press 'start' and as you walk your phone will count number of steps you take and convert those into points, said Estrella.

Estrella has sort of figured out a way to make walking cool! exclaimed Molly Cox, Chief of Engagement for SA2020,a non-profit organization that provides services to fulfill the city's vision for health and fitness is on board.

Estrella has already received $200,000 to develop the beta version of her invention.

From the 80/20 Foundation and HEB, said Estrella. The reason why the price tag is so expensive because it costs more to maintain the users accounts, monitor how much they are walking and the Geo locations, added Estrella.

She hopes to have the app on the market by the spring Siclovia.

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