HOUSTON -- It s a common crime it seems just about everybody in Houston has dealt with at one point or another.

Police call car break-ins the most preventable crime . However, car burglaries were up in Houston 9.2 percent in 2013 compared to 2012.

Houston Police Chief Charles McClelland announced the statistic at his meet the chief news conference on Thursday.

That was my welcome to Houston present I got being here only about a week, said driver Michael Fortner.

Police say driver can do their part to curb the alarming spike by not leaving anything exposed in their cars. That s a tip that doesn t always seem to sink in with drivers.

It s my own fault for leaving things visible, said Toni Ratliff, whose car has been broken into five times in the last nine years.

Other drivers aren t so sure they could ve prevented the crime from happening. That includes a north Houston family who had the tailgate stolen from their pickup truck on Thursday morning.

We were just amazed at how someone could be so bold, explained Marian. People need to get a job. It s crazy. Many of us get up and go to work so we can have our nice things.

Chief McClelland also said thefts are up more than eight percent. He went on to say that the department received approximately one million calls for service in 2013.

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