HOUSTON -- An 11-year-old girl claims her bus driver went too far when he dropped her off at home last week.

It was weird that he was touching me, she said. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

The girl, a 6th grader at Klentzman Intermediate in Alief, said the driver yanked and stroked her hair as she was walking off the bus to go to her home.

She immediately told her mom who called school officials about it the next morning.

The assistant principal did not help in any way, said Kristen Vasquez. She was quick to rush me off the phone and get me over to the bus barn.

That s when she sought help from family advocate Quanell X.

Her duty is to protect all the children, said Quanell X. Not to tell the mother I don t deal with that. You should call the bus barn yourself.

Officials confirm the same bus driver has been accused of grabbing and stroking the hair of at least one other young girl. Alief School District police have launched an investigation and the bus driver has been placed on administrative leave.

I really don t think he should be coming back as a bus driver, said Vasquez. I mean if he put his hands on two students, who knows how many others he s done it to or who he s going to do it to next.

Her daughter just doesn t want to be touched that way again.

He should get arrested, she said.

Alief ISD spokesperson Craig Eichhorn released the following statement:

The district acted swiftly upon learning of the allegations by removing the driver from all routes. The Alief ISD Police immediately launched an investigation into the allegations and that process is continuing.

So far, no criminal charges have been filed.

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