HOUSTON Neighbors in northwest Houston say they have been complaining to city officials for months about a mound of trash along Charlie Street that keeps getting bigger and bigger.

You have people that come from other parts of the city to dump down here, they are using this as a dump spot, said Reginald Joshua, who lives next door. It makes us angry, we are past just mad, it s anger now.

Joshua and his neighbors said they have called 311, reported the problem to the solid waste department and even contacted the mayor s office, but the trash pile hasn t moved.

Everybody on the street has called in, said Alice Clark. They tell us not to call back because it s already been reported.

Joshua said one city worker told him the department won t remove the trash because the pile is too big.

If it s longer than two bed trucks, they don t pick it up, he was told. They leave it to the people who own the property to pick it up.

But the property owners are long gone. Neighbors said they have moved out of state. And when KHOU 11 News tried to track them down, public property records listed the wrong address.

It s just going to get bigger and bigger, said Joshua, who has watched the pile grow for 11 months.

KHOU 11 News contacted Houston s Solid Waste Management Division and sent them pictures of the problem.

Spokesman Sandra Jackson said despite resident complaints, the department wasn t aware of the issue.

She promised the city would start picking up the mess by Monday morning. Residents said it s about time.

It s trash, pick it up, it s all we ask you to do, Joshua said.

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