HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- An avid cyclist believes she cheated death after being hit by a truck.

It happened back on December 18 around 4 p.m. on North Eldridge near Bear Creek Park.

21-year-old Archana Williams was on her was back from a 60 mile bike ride. She was only about a mile from home when she was struck from behind.

It was intense, explained Archana Williams. My back was hurting so bad. I was screaming. I was crying.

Williams remembers witnesses gathering around her to keep her conscious.

The driver who hit her also stuck around, but Williams still holds him entirely responsible.

You're messing with a human life. We're people too. A lot of times, we're just like you, trying to get home or get to work, said Williams.

Williams was flown to Memorial Hermann where she has been under the watchful eye of doctors.

She is now back home recovering from four broken vertebrae.

Williams said investigators stopped by her house this past weekend to interview her about the accident.

Authorities haven't said if the driver who hit her could be cited or charged.

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