HOUSTON A teenager from the Houston area died from H1N1, according to the City of Houston Health Department.

As of Thursday, there were 13 confirmed deaths from the H1N1 Flu in the greater Houston area. Katy Barton with the City of Houston Health Department confirmed the death on Thursday.

It was my understanding it was H1N1, Barton said.

The child was a Houston teenager, but because of privacy rules she could not reveal how old the child was or when they died.

According to the CDC, there have been four pediatric deaths nationwide from the flu. Texas, Alabama, Louisiana and New York remain hotbeds for flu activity.

Because of news like this, Juana Martinez was getting her children flu shots today at Legacy Community Health Services. A good idea her doctors told her while also advising her not to worry too much.

I don t want people to have the idea that they should have panic, said Dr. Omar Matuk. They should get vaccinated. That s the most important thing.

Texas Children s Hospital reports seven children admitted with the flu right now with three in Intensive Care.

But the biggest thing that we advise people is to take a flu shot, Barton said. H1N1 is in this year s formulation and it will provide protection for most people.

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