CONROE, Texas The mother of the youngest of eight confirmed cases of a mystery illness in Montgomery County is sharing her son s story.

Dathany Reed, 41, wasn t feeling well on Thanksgiving. He called out sick from his job at the Golden Corral and went to see doctors at Conroe Regional Medical Center.

Odessa Reed says doctors sent her son home with several prescriptions.

She told KHOU that her son was admitted to the hospital s emergency room the next day and ended up on life support.

It doesn t make sense, said Odessa Reed. How can you talk to a person one day, and they say, I m not feeling good, and the next day, that person is on life support.

Dathany s 41st birthday came and went on November 30 while his kidneys and other organs deteriorated.

Family members said goodbye to the father of three on December 5.

This is the hardest thing I ve ever had to face in my whole life, cried Odessa Reed. My son was kind. He was sweet.

Dathany is one of four patients to have died after contracting the mystery illness.

Doctors say all of the patients have had flu-like and/or pneumonia-like symptoms but have tested negative for standard strains of the flu.

[I hope they] get a better handle on this before it affects more lives, more families, more people, explained Odessa Reed. I want the truth.

Doctors are awaiting test results that could explain what the illness is, but there is no time-table as to when those results could be in.

Montgomery County Health officials told KHOU they are now looking at cases from other hospitals that could be connected to the mystery illness.

The new case files are being reviewed for similarity to the eight cases at Conroe Regional Medical Center that prompted the County Health Department investigation.

The state and regional health departments have already been notified and are also looking for reports of new cases.

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