HOUSTON The Harris County Sheriff s Department has come to a standstill in itsefforts to finda man who has been missing since Nov. 3.

Tommy Lee Lowery,68, hasn t been seen or heard from since then, his family said.

Lowery s daughter said hehas dementia and takes medication for bipolar disorder. Without his medication he gets confused, she said.

He s very smart. He loves to talk. He s about 140 pounds. I know one thing my father is wearing is a crucifix. It stands out, made of Brazilian gold, said Tammy Johnson.

A Harris County Sheriff sofficial saidtwo parolees live at the Spring Cypress area residential facility whereLowery lived.

Johnson saidshe was never told about that and she is suspicious.

They (the parolees)are young. One is tattooed all over his body and his head as well, Johnson said.

Authorities said there is no evidence of foul play. It appears Lowery simply walked away, Harris County Sheriff s Department Sgt. Doug Thomas said.

Activist Quanell X says that s not likely.

Nobody in broad open daylight, when he allegedly left in broad open daylight, one way in and one way out, and there s tons of houses around here that you have to pass before ever making it to a main boulevard, the activist said. It s almost as though he disappeared into thin air.

A man at the residence said the manager was not there to comment.

EquuSearch has looked for Lowery twice with no results. They plan another search in the Spring-Cypress area in about a week.

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