HOUSTON A Houston-area armored truck company is declaring war on anyone who tries to rob their trucks.

Our message is, we are going to defend ourselves, said GardaWorld s Operations Manager Robert Hatchett.

In other words, Garda s guards will shoot anyone who tries to steal their loads.

Eleven armored cars have been robbed in Harris County this year. That s compared to four last year.

The latest incident happened Friday morning on the University of Houston campus.

We weren t expecting it. (We were) a little startled. Everybody kind of ducked down. We didn t know who was firing at who, said Ruben Velez, a construction worker.

There have been shootings during other robberies too, and guards have been hurt.

That s the reason GardaWorld is now adding surveillance equipment.

The company s guards will also receive new tactical training.

Additional men are being added to some crews and some trucks will even be escorted by guards carrying shotguns.

Not everyone is sure these things will do any good.

It s the area unfortunately, the area is highly insecure, said David Garcia, a University of Houston student.

All the more reason, Hatchett said his guys will be ready to fight back.

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