PORTER, Texas -- A 75-year-old grandmother is hurt and humiliated after her twin grandsons allegedly forced her to panhandle by herself at Walmart.

Margaret Campbell had just finished eating pizza on Sunday with 19-year-old twins Joshua and James Cerda and their friend 18-year-old Ashley Ramey.

Campbell thought the group was headed home, but she claims her grandson Joshua had other plans.

I said, Joshua, where are we going now? He said, you re going to go to Porter Walmart, explained Margaret Campbell. I said no. No I am not!

Campbell says Joshua was especially determined.

[He said] granny, you ve got to get us some money. I have no gas, recalled Campbell. I said, 'You need to learn to go to work and save your money and quit taking it and blowing it for foolishness.'

The group soon pulled into the parking lot of the Walmart at Highway 59 and FM 1314. Campbell was allegedly kicked out of the car and told to start asking shoppers for cash.

She remembers collecting less than $10 dollars before being approached by a deputy.

The Montgomery County Deputy Constable had been flagged down by a customer outside the store.

This tall officer came up to me , and he says, what s wrong? I said, I am very, very upset, cried Campbell.

The three teens were inside the car that was parked not too far away. The trio had some explaining to do when approached by the deputy.

He told those boys, you need to quit depending on your grandma for everything. You need to get out and find a job, said Campbell.

The Cerdas and their friend were arrested on felony charges of exploitation of the elderly. Each are currently behind bars at the Montgomery County Jail on a $3,000 bond.

Campbell lives with her grandsons in Liberty County and has helped raise them since they were infants. The 75-year-old says her grandsons are not welcome back home.

She claims this is not the first time her grandsons have bullied her into panhandling.

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