HUNTSVILLE, Texas -- A Huntsville man has been arrested Friday after falling asleep and losing his 3-year-old son.

Around 11:30 a.m., a 3-year-old boy wandered into a construction site near Bearkat and Bowers Boulevards near the southeast corner of the Sam Houston State University campus.

The workers called police who brought the child back to the police station. Officers used the city s code red system to call homes in the area, officers and firefighters went door to door, and the boy s picture was posted on the Huntsville Police Facebook page.

Within two hours police said a man claiming to be the boy s father arrived at the police station saying he d simply fallen asleep and the boy wandered out of the house.

The dad, now identified as Jonathan Nelson, 25, has been arrested and charged with child abandonment and criminal negligence.

Police said Nelson had shared custody of the boy and that the boy s biological mother lives out of state. Police said that the child s mother is now on her way to Huntsville to pick up her son. Until then the 3-year-old will remain in the custody of Child Protective Services.

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