HOUSTON Along a stretch of roadway often plagued by armed robberies and violent assaults, a mother continued to grieve over the death of her son.

It s so very painful, said Idolina Rodriguez. This is something you don t wish on your worst enemy, especially when it s your son.

Frankie Vela was gunned down and killed outside an apartment complex near Van Fleet and MLK Boulevard last August. The 22-year-old s murder has never been solved.

Last month, family members took matters into their own hands by erecting a billboard begging for clues.

The sign has since been taken down.

We need to have closure, said Rodriguez. The person who did this to my son is still running the streets.

Also on the streets are the criminals who ve been breaking into businesses and wreaking havoc in recent weeks. Some shops have closed down, while other merchants have been holding meetings looking for ways to fight back.

Many of them planned to attend a town hall meeting about the crime problem Tuesday evening.

Activist Quanell X said a lot of business owners are frustrated.

Some of them are at the point where they re willing to use deadly force and want it to be known, he said.

The meeting about crime will take place at the Miracle Land Church, located at 7427 Van Fleet Street from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.

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