ARLINGTON -- A retirement announcement should be exciting. When you're Nolan Ryan, it should also be a celebration.

Those last five years on the field for the Rangers, the no-hitters, and then, president and CEO of a club he loved.

But Thursday's announcement that he was leaving the organization didn't feel like a party.

When you make these type of decisions, you have to do it from the heart, and I really feel like at this point in time it's the correct thing for me to do, Ryan told the press and fans.

The elephant in the room was Ryan's said-to-be strained relationship with Rangers General Manager Jon Daniels.

I feel that my relationship with Jon is good and that our relationship didn't come into play on this, said Ryan, when asked if it was a factor.

There are plenty of people who doubt that's the truth.

Quite frankly, just to break it down, it was all B.S., said Randy Galloway, sports writer for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram and friend of Ryan's.

He believes the truth is in what the Hall of Famer didn't say.

He thanked the fans and he thanked the fans who've been here. These are the people that work here, Galloway said. There was no thanking of ownership, there was no thank you to the baseball end of the operation.

And what about the thousands of fans who loved Nolan Ryan and came to the games or watched at home? We caught up with a group of fans at Sherlock's Pub in Arlington for their take on it all.

I'm very disappointed that he has [left the club] because he was the backbone of the Rangers, as far as I'm concerned, Pat Charles said.

I do think he was pushed out, Jim Bennett said.

Bill Cooper warned that there may be a bit of fan backlash next season.

As soon as the Rangers season has a six- or eight-game losing streak, it's gonna be 'Told you so! Should have kept up Nolan!' he said.

I've been a season ticket holder since 1981, and I'm very disappointed to see him go, and I don't think that bodes well for the Rangers in the future, Mike Griffin said. And I hope I'm wrong!

He's not alone in wondering what it will mean to lose a Rangers' legend.

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