HOUSTON Texans Quarterback Matt Schaub and Houston police are downplaying recent trespassing incidents at his home.

It s the world we live in. There are passionate fans out there, for better or for worse, Schaub said in a news conference Wednesday. You hate for it to come to that because we're better than that, as a society and acommunity.

HPDconfirmed they are investigating two incidents involving trespassers outside of Schaub s home.

A family member reported seeing a suspicious male in the driveway of the residence taking pictures, HPD tweeted.

When you see people driving down the street, taking photos of your home and you don t know why, it warrants calling team security, Schaub said Wednesday.

An NFL executive said another man drove into Schaub s driveway and shouted obscenities.

It wasn t just last night. It s been an ongoing thing, Schaub said. You know, better safe than sorry. My main focus is to make sure my family is safe and protecting my home.

NFL Vice President of Security Jeff Miller told NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport the league will work with the Texans to provide extra security for Schaub and his family.

They don t need to be subjected to things like this, Miller said.

When asked about security, Schaub said, That s between me, my wife and the team.

Teammates agreed that overzealous fans sometimes cross the line.

When you have a family and you have kids, it s absolutely unacceptable, J.J. Watt said.

Watt said he has fans at his door every week.

Sometimes they'll just sit outside the house, Watt said. Sometimes they follow me home.

He is working to get a gate in his neighborhood because fans come to his house at least a couple of times a week.

When it comes to pictures and autographs, I draw the line at dinner and at my house, Watt said.

Football fan Sue Freeman kind of understands that. A few years back, she and some friends dropped by Saints quarterback Drew Bree's home in New Orleans.

He was very appreciate until his bodyguard came out and told us, 'Mr. Brees appreciates your enthusiasm, but please get off his grass, Freeman said.

In the first five games of the season, Schaub has thrown nine interceptions, including an NFL record four pick sixes.

Schaub is convinced he and the rest of the Texans can turn things around and start winning games.

I m supremely confident in my abilities and what we can do on the football field, Schaub said. I m licking my chops to get back on the field.

Some Houstonians have turned to social media to express their frustration and one group even created a Facebook page called Bench Matt Schaub.

The administrator of that page posted the following message Tuesday night: Bench Matt Schaub does not condone or endorse the incident that has allegedly happened at Matt Schaub s home. Period. We have temporarily disabled all posts to the page.

Schaub deleted his Twitter account after the overtime loss to Seattle, reportedly because he received death threats.

But Schaub said he s grateful to have the support of his coaches and teammates.

Whenever your teammates stand behind you, it speaks volumes. At the end of the day, it s about us as a team.

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