HOUSTON An armored truck driver was in critical condition after a shooting Monday outside a Chase Bank in Humble, police said.

It happened at about 10:20 a.m. in the 19700 block of North Highway 59.

Two armored guards were servicing an ATM when three or four men exited a Dodge vehicle and began firing at the guards, police said.

People were just trying to, they were like scattering, trying to get out of here after the gun shots, said Kirk Philipps, a witness. I was shaken up. I ve never heard gunfire like that.

The security guards returned fire and the men fled.

One of the guards was hit several times and was taken to Ben Taub Hospital.

He asked one of the guys, Am I going to make it? We were like, Yes. You re going to make it. You re going to be fine. I just kept caressing his legs and praying for him, said Kabaca Jones, a witness.

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