HOUSTON -- A northwest Houston family is pleading with a thief to return an 18-foot utility trailer, not because of the value of the trailer but because of the priceless memories that were locked inside.

Isabel and Susana Estrada, 15, lost their grandmother to cancer three years ago. In those past three years, they have moved several times with their parents and were temporarily storing their grandmother s possessions in a black Haulmark utility trailer at a storage facility at Spencer Road and Sommerall.

Overnight, a thief cut through the chain at the Sommerall entrance and made off with the entire trailer and its contents.

Everything that our grandmother gave to us when she recently passed, Isabel said.

The trailer held her grandmother s furniture, clothing, photographs and mementos they were planning to take to their next home.

So it's been very emotional today, said the girls other grandmother Coral Olsen who contacted KHOU 11 News asking for a chance to make a public appeal to the thief to give the memories back.

They've lost everything, Olsen said. How do you place a value on something like that? My daughter-in-law is really in pain over the loss, not only of her mother recently, but of her mother s possessions.

The owners of the storage business said there is no surveillance video and no clues about who took the trailer. The theft has been reported to police.

But twin granddaughters hope the thieves have a grandmother they love too and will consider returning the memories they stole.

Just to return the items that were in the trailer. They have no meaning to anybody else but us, and just to give them back, said Isabel.

Really they can just keep the trailer. I would just want our stuff back. The stuff is like memories and you can't replace those types of things, Susana said.

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