HOUSTON On Main Street in downtown Houston, the clock is winding down to the beginning of the end of an era.

I m disappointed, said Houston resident Jeff St. Clair. We don t need to do away with our history so easily and quickly. It s a heritage thing.

It s a heritage that dates back to 1947, when the Foley brothers moved their department store to 111 Main, a destination for generations of Houstonians.

I just remember when I was a kid we used to come downtown and do a little shopping and enjoy yourself, said Michelle Mallory. We no longer have that downtown. We have all these office buildings.

Soon we ll have another. Ten minutes after sunrise on Sunday, the former Foley s, and most recently, Macy s building will be imploded. All ten stories, and all 791,000 square feet, will make room for a new office tower.

The Metro light rail runs right past the implosion site; and rail service will be suspended Friday night through Sunday.

We ll be providing a bus bridge during that time period, and crews from Metro will be removing the overhead wiring, and well as taking down the poles, said Metro Chief Operating Officer Andrew Skabowski.

The demolition company will be picking up the $70,000 tab, not the taxpayers.

Many people welcome the change.

I think it s a good thing, said Chris Deboisblanc, who works downtown. There will be something new there. It will probably open up some opportunities for people to work.

Time goes on, but some people wish it wouldn t.

As we go forward, I love the past more, said St. Clair.

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