HOUSTON An alert grandmother rushed her 13-month-old grandson to the hospital, possibly saving his life, after seeing multiple bruises and burns he sustained while in the care of his mother s boyfriend, according to Houston police. The boy s mom is now charged for not getting her son any help.

Carey Deshawn Forris-Clemons, 20, was charged with felony injury to a child and Christalyn Thompkins, 22, was charged with felony injury to a child by omission.

Police said the boyfriend, Forris-Clemons, regularly babysat his girlfriend s son while she went to work at a Dollar Tree store.

The boy s mother, Thompkins, said he called her on February 12 to tell her that her son had fallen down the stairs. She said she did not immediately rush home, choosing to finish out her 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. shift, but was horrified at the sight of her child when she did arrive. She said her little boy looked like a monster.

Thompkins said she was in a state of shock after seeing her son like that, but did not call the ambulance because she did not know how she would get home from the hospital, according to court documents. She said she gave her little boy pain medicine and ice packs for the swelling on the next day.

When the boy s grandmother called to say she would be picking him up for the weekend, Thompkins told her that he was bruised after falling down the stairs. The grandmother said she was picking her grandbaby up anyway.

When the grandmother arrived, Thompkins was once again at work and Forris-Clemons was babysitting the child alone.

The shocked grandmother said nothing about the toddler s appearance, but immediately rushed him to the hospital.

Doctors at Texas Children s Hospital found bruises all over the little boy s body.

The child was found to have suffered a subdural hemorrhage and had extensive bruising to his arms, legs, thighs belly and back. He also had bruising and abrasions to his face and ears, in addition to burns on his fingers.

Doctors said those bruises were not all consistent with a fall down the stairs. They said the boy also suffered a whiplash-type injury to the skull that would have immediately altered his level of consciousness. Doctors said that any competent caregiver should have recognized that the child was in immediate need of medical care.

Doctors concluded that the findings were indicative of child physical abuse and were inflicted by a person with the size and strength of an adult. They also indicated there was medical care neglect on behalf of the mother.

Investigators called Forris-Clemons for his side of the story, but he refused to talk. He also refused to allow them to come into the home and see the stairs the boy was supposed to have fallen down.

Charges were filed against the mother and her boyfriend on August 23. They both were given a $20,000 bail amount.

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