HARRIS COUNTY, Texas -- Neighbors in the Greensbrook Place subdivision are desperate to find out who is driving around in a white van burglarizing their homes.

The neighborhood is located in northeast Harris County in the 11700 block of Abby Ridge Way.

Surveillance cameras captured the van driving down Abby Ridge Way twice since Friday. Both visits ended with a home being burglarized.

If they're not careful, this won't stop until somebody gets dropped, said neighbor Charles Banks.

Noah Rankin was ambushed and robbed inside his home a month ago.

It's one of the most terrible things that ever happened in my life, Rankin said.

The culprits were caught on camera right before a bullet grazed Rankin's head.

I ducked and the bullet caught me on the side of the head and I fell back and the blood started coming down, Rankin said.

The neighbors want justice.

Everybody s coming to me, Hey Noah, we need help.

Rankin has been handing out his video to neighbors.

Everybody here I working hard for everything, Banks said. Everybody is working hard every day to make a decent living.

Neighbors have been preparing for their return by getting their CHLs and installing home surveillance systems of their own.

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