HOUSTON A man who has been victimized twice in two weeks is hoping surveillance video will help lead to an arrest.

Vincent Gonzalez released surveillance video from his house on Kernal Street in southeast Houston.

The video shows a man walking up the driveway late Monday night and then prying open Gonzalez s truck. The man stole a gun from the truck, Gonzalez said.

He s calling the thief the Tiptoe Bandit because in the video you can see the suspect jumping over puddles to keep his tennis shoes clean.

Gonzaelz said he believes it is the same guy who broke into his truck two weeks ago, and maybe burglarized some of his neighbors.

They stole tools out of the back of my truck as well. And it s just continually, the whole neighborhood, he said. Neighbors next door get broken in, the lady across the street, they take her in the backyard, tell her it s the light company, they go in and steal her jewelry, while she s in the backyard.

Police gathered fingerprints from the truck, but they have not identified the thief.

Anyone who recognizes him is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 713-222-TIPS.

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