HOUSTON -- Dog lovers are an easy target for thieves these days, according to deputies.

Investigators say criminals are targeting unsuspecting visitors spending time in dog parks. They know they are easily distracted, because they are spending time with their loved ones.

He s a lab-chow mix, his name is Eli, Richard Valdez, a park visitor, said.

Deputy constables from Precinct 5 are trying to find the burglars breaking into cars at Bill Archer Dog Park, in the Bear Creek Park area.

A woman visiting the park Saturday morning said she found her passenger-side window busted out when she returned to her car at noon.

A viewer with sent KHOU 11 News photos minutes after the incident happened.

It s horrible, it s unfortunate, you re trying to enjoy a day at the park with your animal, and stuff like this happens, Valdez said.

In a public area, you should never let your guard down, Sherry Medick, another visitor, said.

Investigators said it s happening during park hours in broad day light.

Your pets are an easy distraction, bad guys look for an easy target, Medick said.

Pct. 5 deputy constables are not going to let criminals slide. They stopped two men in a car on Saturday, and are trying to figure out if they are the ones responsible.

In the meantime, visitors are being cautious.

I didn t even bring my purse with me today, so I don t leave anything in the car, Gabbie Raymond, a visitor, said.

Constables are telling visitors to do the obvious, and to not leave their valuables in the car until they catch the suspects.

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