GALVESTON, Texas -- Homeowners in the Teichman Point area of Galveston are keeping an eye out for a pack of dogs.

Stephanie Davies said in the past two months, they have killed two of her cats.

It was devastating at first, Davies said. I was terrified because I couldn't come out and do anything to help them.

Plenty of neighbors have heard about other cats and even small dogs being killed.

Animal Control officials believe the pack has been together since Hurricane Ike and put out dog traps.

David Strasburg saw the pack last week.

Apparently everyone around here has seen them at different points, Strasburg said. Considering Hurricane Ike though, I'm sure there's a lot of abandoned pets you know running loose still.

The group has been known to roam at night.

I'm kind of scared to walk in the mornings at 6 a.m. It was dark out, felt good, but now I don't want to run into them, Davies said.

Considering two of her three cats were killed in a matter of months, Davies just wants everyone to know what's really going on at their once peaceful point.

If you see the pack of dogs, you're being asked to call Animal Control at 409-765-3702.

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