HOUSTON - A police officer shot and killed a man on Monday evening near a southwest Houston gas station.

The incident happened near Harwin Drive at Fondren Drive shortly after 6 p.m.

According to witnesses, a man started running through the parking lot of a Conoco, firing shots into the air.

The Houston Police Department said the first officers on the scene saw the man get into his SUV, and they followed him through the parking lot. Police said the man stopped, got out, and then fired once at the officers. Police returned fire, but they missed the suspect.

The man then ran behind the station and again shot at the officers. He managed to briefly evade police by hiding in some bushes behind a neighboring business, but when he was later spotted by a K-9 unit, an officer opened fire on the man. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

HPD said the officer who shot the suspect is a 22-year-veteran of the force.

It wasn t immediately known why the gunman was firing shots outside the gas station. No other injuries were reported.

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