LEWISVILLE, Texa Some scantily-clad servers at a popular restaurant and watering hole in Lewisville raised some eyebrows this weekend.

It was the ABC anything but clothing event at Redneck Heaven. Female employees got creative with paint that was applied to areas of the body where you might expect to see fabric.

Police were called, but said they couldn't issue citations.

The city is now doing something about it so next time, they can.

Emy and Gary Embry walked into Redneck Heaven for the first time Monday night, and walked right out.

The servers started coming up towards us before we were even seated, and my husband said, 'Let's not just stay here,' Mrs. Embry said.

The Lewisville City Council was asked to consider changing its sexually oriented business ordinance after getting a complaint about the scantily-clad servers at the bar and restaurant. The complaint focused on the ABC event at which female employees covered their breasts with pasties and body paint.

Police investigated the complaint, but said the restaurant did not violate any rules.

Catherina Holiday told the City Council she's in favor of amending the existing ordinance. I was really surprised to see that there were young ladies serving out in the parking lot without any clothes on... very few clothes on, she said.

But Raymond Daniels voiced his support for Redneck Heaven. If you ever go in there, it's really not a strip club at all, he said. It's a lot more closer to a Hooters. If anything, the girls act a lot more like kids.

The Council unanimously voted Monday night to redefine the definitions of nudity and state of nudity to prohibit body paint, body dyes, tattoos, liquid latex (wet or dry) and other similar substances to be considered an opaque covering under the sexually-oriented business ordinance.

News 8 contacted the owner of Redneck Heaven for comment, but did not receive a response before our late broadcast Monday night.


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