HOUSTON Bullets were flying and bystanders were duckingoutside a northeast Houston Fiestalate Thursday morning.

One person was killed, another wounded in the shootout at the Fiesta in the 10400 block of Jensen.

Police say a security guard confronted some carjacking suspects in the parking lot and that's when gunfire started.

One man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The injured man drove himself to LBJ Hospital where he is being treated for a gunshot wound to the arm.

A third man was taken to HPD headquarters for questioning.

The security guard wasn t injured. Police say the guard did not fire his weapon so it remains unclear who shot the two men.

Yolanda Quintes had just loaded her car with her four small children when the gunfire erupted. One bullet sunk into the rear passenger side door of the vehicle.

When we heard the shots we all got down, she said. We stayed there until the gunfire ended. It seemed like it took forever.

A woman who works at a beauty salon across the street from Fiesta pulled up moments after the shooting.

It s scary, said Veronica Moreno. I had just gotten out of my vehicle. So it is scary because it could have happened a second before I walked in my business.

According to HPD crime stats, there been a half dozen robberies and assaults within a few blocks of the Fiesta within the last 10 days.

Some people who live and work nearby expressed frustration.

I ve been inside the store and watched guys snatch money out of the cash register and then run out into the parking lot, said Larry White. They can t have enough security around here.

It remained unclear precisely who shot whom.

The investigation is continuing.

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