PASADENA, Texas -- In the last 48 hours at least 16 people had personal items stolen out of their vehicles parked in front of their homes.

It happened on several streets around Space Center Blvd.

One of the victims is David Williford who lives on Saint Andrews.

Surveillance cameras at Williford's home captured the suspect going up and down the street trying door handles to see if the vehicles were unlocked.

The suspect rummaged through Williford's SUV at 1:15 a.m. Tuesday and stole several items.

He approached this house went in and went to this truck and then he made his way across the street, Williford said.

The suspect is a male about 5 feet 9 inches with a thin build. You can clearly see he has tattoos all the way down his left arm on the video.

Williford told us he will lock his vehicle from now on.

Pasadena police said they are investigating and they want to hear from you if you recognize the suspect.

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