TEXAS CITY, Texas -- Texas City Police and the U.S. Coast Guard said the search for a missing fisherman Thursday off the Texas City dike has turned up nothing.

Julio Torres, 25, vanished at about 10 a.m. when several big waves hit his group of wade fisherman. Witnesses said they heard the four fishermen in trouble, but were not close enough to get there to help.

We definitely heard them yelling, help, help, help, so they were in a bad way, said David Roberson, who was fishing nearby.

Mosquito Island is a sliver of land that is mostly under water. The men, who were rescued, said they told police they were in ankle deep water and then next second it was more than waist deep.

We saw three guys in panic. From what we gather four went out and three returned, Roberson said.

Roberson and Reginald Reid were also fishing not far away. It is a sad tragedy, Reid said.

Coast Guard units both in the water and the air searched for hours without finding any sign of Torres. At least one of the four fishermen was helped to shore by a jet skier in the area.

The men told police that it all happened in an instant.

The undercurrent is stronger than any man, stronger than any man, stronger than any man. You can really feel it out there, Reid said.

Any more than knee deep, these experienced fishermen say, is asking for trouble.

Coast Guard officials said they will discontinue the search at dusk.

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