FORT BEND COUNTY, Texas A big, angry gator has nerves on edge in a Fort Bend County neighborhood.

Rachel Bayramli said her daughter got quite a scare when she first spotted the 8-foot gator.

My daughter heard a tapping on the window, and she opened the curtains and there was a giant alligator on the porch, Bayramli said.

The gator was hissing at anyone who got near it.

Bayramli tried to contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, but no one answered since it was a holiday. She said her HOA wouldn t help either.

A neighbor and a sheriff s deputy managed put a rope around its mouth and drag it down London Lane and back to a nearby pond.

Bayramli and her neighbors are worried that it will come back. She thinks it s the same gator that a neighbor spotted walking down London Lane last week.

The homeowners association really needs to step up their attitude of, we re not going to do anything, you just need to be aware, Bayramli said. They really need to make more of an effort to help us get rid of the gators when we do find them on our property.

Earlier this month, another gator was caught roaming around yards in Sienna Plantation.

We see them daily in the pond. We ve had lots of occasions where they are walking the neighborhood where kids are outside playing, riding their bikes and there s alligators roaming around, Bayramli said.

Bayramli and others are worried that children could be in danger now that school is almost out for the summer.

I have three small children. They just run out the door before I can really get out here and look.

Residents believe some people are feeding the gators and that s making them less afraid of humans.

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