HOUSTON One suspect is in custody and a second is still on the run, after an armed robbery at a cell phone store turned into a manhunt in a quiet Northwest Harris county neighborhood.

Patrol cars lined the streets of the Ponderosa Forest subdivision From the air and from the ground, it was clear that Harris County Sheriff s deputies had secured a tight perimeter. A DPS chopper kept a lookout from above, while canine units searched the backyards, where Connie Meeker ran into one suspect.

I was standing there watering the roses and my back gate flew open and this man was standing there, she said. She said he asked her, Can you help me? All of sudden all those sirens got a lot more personal. Brilliant me, I said You re running from the police aren t you?

She fled into her house, locked the door and called 911. Another neighbor had an even closer call. Kash Patel said his wife was home alone, with the garage door cracked open about a foot. It was all the crook needed. One suspect was in the garage.

Another one was knocking on the door to get in, then she called the police, Patel said.

The K-9 units finally caught up with one suspect in a backyard and sunk their teeth into him, giving him a quick trip to the hospital.

At this point he was wearing no shirt, had on black shorts. Originally, at the scene, they were wearing grey pants white T-shirts and half bandana, said HCSO Sgt. Erik Batton said. That clothing, along with a sum of money, was located at scene.

Authorities said they believe the money came from a T-Mobile store on FM 1960 and Kuykendahl. The store was robbed by two men with a shotgun. They ran on foot when deputies arrived, triggering the manhunt.

But just a few hours later, one suspect, bandaged around the ankle where he was bitten, was back at the scene of the crime in handcuffs.

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