HOUSTON The Liberty County Sheriff s Department is sending out a warning to women drivers about a man driving around impersonating police.

On Monday, a woman said she was stopped on County Road FM 2518 in Liberty County.

Deputies said the woman was so scared that she even admitted to speeding. She said the man leaned over and said, I know how we can fix this.

He ll say he will get you out of your ticket by making sexual remarks, said Hanah Mcadams. I heard that he pulls over young women that are driving alone.

The only description deputies have is that the suspect is a Hispanic male with light colored eyes, and possibly a slight beard. He s about 5 feet 10 inches tall and weighs about 220 pounds.

Deputies say be aware of where you stop.

Go to a well-lit area, or go to the sheriff s department if you know where it is, said Chief Rex Evans from the Cleveland Independent School District.

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