SAN ANTONIO -- A 2-year old dog needed emergency surgery after investigators say its owner took on the role of at-home veterinarian.

When Animal Care Services seized the dachshund, he was wrapped with duct tape and sewn up with thick twine.

They were alerted by a caller who noticed the dog's mouth was taped shut at a house off Walters and I-35.

Animal cruelty specialist Manuel Flores said the owner eventually showed up to the house and explained he performed a procedure on the dog after it came home with a large cut on its side.

The injury was wrapped with a piece of gauze and silver duct tape after being sewn loosely shut in a cross-stitch pattern with twine. The pet's mouth was also taped shut.

Flores said they got to the animal just in time.

The wound would have got infected and the manner the dog was taped the dog could have died due to the heat because the dog wasn't able to open its mouth, he said.

The dog, who has been named Frank by the staff at the city operated shelter, will be placed for adoption or sent to a rescue group when he recovers.

State law prohibits the act of causing unjustifiable pain or suffering to a pet. The state also prohibits the practice or attempted practice of veterinary medicine without a license.

Flores said the owner faces possible animal cruelty charges.

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