HOUSTON A doctor preparing for his son s funeral had to deal with a break-in at his northeast Houston clinic early Friday.

The Houston Police Department said around 3 a.m. a burglary call went out on Homestead Road at Hallshire Drive. Police arrived within a couple of minutes, and officers said they managed to catch two young men attempting to flee from the medical clinic.

Dr. Nick Patzakis said his family has been running the clinic for 53 years.

He came to the scene to sweep up the broken glass before sunrise Friday, saying later in the day he planned to attend his son s funeral.

I feel so bad because my son was a Navy veteran during the Vietnam War, said Patzakis. And something like this happens. Today we re going to bury him over at the Veterans Cemetery it breaks my heart.

Patzakis said his son helped him organize a Christmas toy drive in the community. The family did other things to help keep kids off the street, including offering scholarships.

He always said, Dad, just keep up with it, so it s terrible, Patzakis said.

Police said the suspects, who were 17 and 20 years old, may have been looking for computers or drugs in the medical clinic.

They want to destroy the neighborhood and they drive people out. And the main thing is you hate to see people go to jail, Patzakis said.

Picking up the pieces for this distraught father will require more than a broom.

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